Million Dollar Wound Mini album

Million Dollar Wound’ is the first in a series of ‘mini-albums’ by new band, ‘TILT’. It consists of 5 new compositions, runs at over 30 minutes in length and is shipping now.

The nucleus of the band consists of Steve Vantsis,
Dave Stewart and Robin Boult.  On this first release, Tilt
are joined by guitarists John Wesley (Porcupine Tree) and
Frank Usher (Fish). On keyboards and string arrangements,
Irvin Duguid (Paolo Nutini, Stiltskin) and guest singers
Paul Dourley, Holly Tomás and Kaela Rowan.

The music on ‘Million Dollar Wound’ was written, arranged and produced by Steve Vantsis.  This is his first project since writing and arranging music on ‘13th Star’, the highly acclaimed latest album from ex-Marillion frontman ‘Fish’.

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