• “Hinterland” is an original take on Progressive Rock that is unforgettable and powerful. Being five years in the making, TILT has achieved a very near perfect album with “Hinterland”. There is nothing here left to chance. This is jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring material. So complex. So deep. So full. So dynamic and rich in texture and tone.

  • "You have a new item for your shopping list. If you want Prog for a brave new world then this is for you. It will be in my top 10 of 2016 and it's only June.”

  • “For those wondering how to create a modern prog masterpiece on your first outing, this is how it’s done.” 

  • “In ‘Hinterland’ TILT have surely produced one of the most compelling prog rock albums of 2016.”

  • "From slow burning ballads to propulsive groove rock, Hinterland is worth the long wait." 

  • “It is often the most beautiful things that lurk in the hinterland. In this case, three top sidemen of FISH and a terrific singer as TILT have produced a very varied rock album which guarantees to be one of the most positive surprises of the 2016 music year!” 13/15

  • "The exceptional Hinterland is a majestic object without grandiloquence. The wait was worth the effort." 4.5/5

  • "What TILT have delivered is a superb album by a cast of very accomplished musicians. Brilliant vocals, burning guitar solos, a thunderous rhythm section and songwriting of the highest quality combine to deliver one kick ass release that I keep returning to again and again. A fine combination of excellent rock music with all that’s best about progressive rock, these guys show how it really should be done!"

  • "A very good album. Both rocky and heavy but with highly atmospheric passages, this album is varied and attractive for all." 4/5

  • "Tilt have produced the future of progressive rock music, and it's high time the rest of the world caught up. Widescale, bang up to date, and in art rock's premier league. Totally recommended. 9/10."

  • "This album will be present in my top 10 of 2016. A must have! Five out of five stars!" 

  • "Inspired melodies and soaring instrumental sections."

  • "A masterpiece of perfectly executed progressive rock moves establishing Tilt as straight-up contender for newcomer of the year"

  • "Epic... Glorious”

  • "Tilt have made a formidable debut album and should waste no time in getting to work on the next one, on this evidence they certainly deserve your support"

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Steve Vantsis
Dave Stewart
Paul Humphreys
Paul Dourley
with Robin Boult, John Beck &
John Mitchell

All songs written by TILT
Arranged and Produced by
Steve Vantsis
Mixed by John Mitchell
CD & download now available