Million Dollar Wound Reviews

‘A stunning piece of modern progressive/rock... I haven’t had it out of my CD player for weeks... 
Pure excellence.’   
Komodo Rock 

‘An excellent debut from an intriguing band’   
Planet Rock Radio 

‘Exhilarating... Hook-laden and refined... Stirring melodies reminiscent of Pink Floyd at their peak’   
Classic Rock presents Prog Magazine (UK)

‘The overall production is outstanding... A stunning mini album’
Musical Discoveries  ★★★★★  5/5

‘It is possible that after living with this EP for a month that a fault may be found, but when one considers the quality of the song-writing, the ludicrous abilities of the musicians involved and the powerful, yet clear production job, it seems hard to imagine what that fault may be. This is an outstanding EP and is highly recommended’
Big Distraction

‘Anchored in the darker segment of prog metal, yet surprisingly melodious... Million Dollar Wound has an epic feel’
Tarkus Magazine (Norway)

‘Multi-faceted and carefully constructed... Brilliant’   
Music Headquarter (Germany)   (English translation)

‘Tilt is a band I definitely want to hear lots more of’
IO Pages (Holland)

‘Top class’   
BabyBlue (Germany)   (English translation)

‘‘Million Dollar Wound’ grabs the attention... each and every listen is a pleasure’   
★★★★☆  4/5
Prog Paradise (Belgium)

‘Great songwriting... An absolute success’   
★★★★☆  4/5
Progressive Melodies (USA)

‘A statement of intent almost shattering’   
★★★★☆  4/5 
Let It Rock (Israel)
‘This half hour (of music) impresses’   
★★★★☆  4/5
Music in Belgium (Belgium)

‘Good, contemporary rock music which as well as having depth, being musically accomplished and beautifully atmospheric, also rocks’  
Progressive Newsletter (Germany)

‘Play it again and again!’  
Progressia (France)

‘Excellent material, leaving me wanting more’  
DPRP (Holland)

‘Breathtakingly relevant and a sonically rewarding listen... A superb piece of work’  
Progboys (UK) 

‘World class’  
MLWZ (Poland) 

‘The playing is impeccable... A highly recommended debut with hopefully more to follow’  
Studio M (USA) 

‘The compositions and arrangements are brilliant... Please release more soon!’  
ArtRock (Sweden) 

‘Causes goosebumps all over... Music fans should definitely give this a listen. 
Highly addictive.’
Music Circus Magazine (Germany)

‘A very strong EP... Tilt have much to offer fans of well crafted classic rock’  
★★★✬☆  3.5/5
Sea of Tranquility (USA)
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